10 Wrestlers Who Had To Destroy Themselves To Get Over

10. Bray Wyatt


Old Bray Wyatt:

A real bruising in-ring act on his best day, and an eerie presence before he was sucked into the Such Good Sh*t Generator of exploding monitors and blood buckets and refrigerators.

Eventually, as his weight ballooned and he wore his own merch, Wyatt came to resemble one of his own fans. Of which there were few. This was fitting, since Wyatt seemed way too high on his own cryptic, self-indulgent words. Just a few short years after his debut, fans stopped decoding the promos because it became clear that they were the written equivalent of those faked fairy photographs: just fairly transparent exercises in bullsh*t.

New Bray Wyatt:

The most creative performer in all of American wrestling.

Literally became awesome by promising us that the awful "slob loser" of yore was dead. The stench was so bad that he had to reassure us by cutting off his own head. He is now a demented kids TV host by surreal day and a neck-snapping, disturbing bad dream manifest at night, where you can barely even make him out, because this new evolution of the character is powered by our terrified imagination as much as his own, deranged projection.

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