10 Wrestlers Who HATED Hulk Hogan

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It's fair to say that Hulk Hogan is a divisive figure in the wrestling industry. Then, now, and forever.

Some fans of his still cling to his incredible, business-changing achievements within the industry, but others cannot separate the larger-than-life performer from the man behind it, whose actions and comments have tarnished his legacy.

CM Punk, during a recent appearance on Windy City Live's 2 Minute Warning, was asked about The Hulkster and responded, "I wasn't a Hogan guy. I've met him. I like him even less now" before concluding the chat with a definitive, "F*ck him!"

He's not alone with those views in the industry; fans and peers alike over the years have expressed disdain for Hogan due to a variety of issues, and whilst some have been resolved, many more exist to this day.

An honourable mention has to go to The Iron Sheik, who held a grudge with Hogan due to the fact that he never repaid the favour when Sheik dropped the world title to him, despite insisting he'd "owe him one". Furthermore, a dishonourable mention has to go to Vince Russo (because I hate him), who had numerous run-ins with The Hulkster during his time in WCW and TNA.

Those two are just the tip of the iceberg however, here are ten wrestlers who HATED Hulk Hogan...

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