10 Wrestlers Who HATED Hulk Hogan

10. Scott Steiner


There are a variety of things that Scott Steiner hates: HHH, Stephanie McMahon, ducks, Eric Bischoff, and of course fat asses. Hulk Hogan is another name that can be added to this list.

As with most things Hogan-related, speculation is rife as to the cause of the bad blood. Some claim it's due to the Hulkster's time in TNA, where he oversaw wholesale changes to the product at vast expense for little to no reward. Whereas others state it's simply down to the fact that Hogan was racist, pointing to Steiner's remarks on a conference call to promote Slammiversary...

"That guy, Hogan, he's racist. All you've got to do is Google it and see him when he sat in the stand in court in a stupid ass bandanna...And then he talks about the size of his penis. It's hilarious."

The most obvious reason for the animosity between the two though is the suggestion that Hulk Hogan got Steiner banned from the 2015 WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony due to an "ugly incident" in an airport with Hogan's wife Jennifer, where Steiner claims he insisted that Hogan inducting Macho Man Randy Savage into the HoF was "bullsh*t."

Steiner's response to all this? Challenge Hulk Hogan to a bodyslam challenge with $1 million on the line of course...

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