10 Wrestlers Who Left And Returned More Badass

Painful embarrassment to Pain-making genius.


Evolution is imperative in professional wrestling. If only WWE recognised this, and ran back one of its most special-feeling WWE pay-per-views ever, and not another Saudi Arabia show (!) during friggin' WrestleMania season (!).

The quickest and most decisive way to kill one's career is by simply existing for too long in the same space as the same character, and it's no wonder the New Daniel Bryan took on "Fickle!" as an insult. Wrestling fans are fickle, and your writer includes himself among that number. Genuinely arduous, admirable in-ring effort suddenly becomes a nuisance.

You've already taken the equivalent of a 30mph car crash in the same gear, guy, get with the f*cking programme, God.

It's so disrespectful, in fact, that a man's entire career is defined by this perceived inability to change in too many circles. The 1-2-3 Kid changed the very in-ring complexion of the WWF, and North American pro wrestling at large, but he didn't change out of his gear for a year or stop saying "Suck it!", so f*ck him. Some evolve to adopt new gear, or a new theme, or by using an IRL skill to inform a new persona. Others simply become very, very good at pounding dicks into the dirt.

Consider this a non-WWE sequel to 10 WWE Stars Who Left And Returned More Badass...


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