10 Wrestlers Who Left And Returned More Badass

10. Chris Jericho


The Tokyo Dome is known informally as the 'Egg Dome', on account of its unique shape, and Chris Jericho lived up to that by laying one there in 1997.

As the dark doppelgänger of Jushin 'Thunder' Liger, the supposed mirror image 'Super Liger' was in fact the opposite: uncoordinated, botch-plagued, and silly. His performance was so shoddy that Liger never even clapped at its awfulness. Plans for the feud were aborted.

Jericho wasn't rattled; he continued to ascend to superstardom as an endlessly creative and entertaining character in WCW, which alerted the WWF to his wasted potential as a star act. Ultimately, it was realised; after a lukewarm start, Jericho mastered the epic rhythms of the in-house WWF style, which he infused with his own spectacular flourishes. Jericho's style was always hard to place because he was so adaptable and skilled.

Upon his return to the site of his career low, he reinvented himself 21 years later to become a deadly jackass in a superb war opposite Kenny Omega. The Painmaker focused on the brutal, brawling aspect of his act in a bid to both preserve his body and differentiate himself. In matches with Tetsuya Naito particularly, Jericho unleashed a hard-hitting. no-f*cks legit badass element to a game powered by his legendary aura.

Jericho was always a shoot badass, or at least totally fearless in the face of other hard men, which made this latest evolution so easy, and so awesome, to take in.


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