10 Wrestlers Who NEED To Get Out Of AEW

It's time for these men and women to get away from Tony Khan's booking.

Wardlow AEW


Look, there are some wrestling fans who won't agree with any of this and that's absolutely fine. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, and it's nailed on you'll raise an eyebrow or two seeing some of the names listed here. It's also important to note that nobody's trying to do anyone out of a job - these men and women have families to feed, after all.

Here's where the wrestling fan part of one's brain takes over from reality though. All of the workers analysed here either deserve better and could get it elsewhere, or have done everything imaginable in Tony Khan's world. There's even room for someone you'll laugh at being called "a wrestler" in the first place. He's worked some matches over the years though, so he's in.

Being realistic, WWE would definitely be interested in most of these names too. There's no way Triple H (in particular) would pass up the chance to sell Vince McMahon on a few of them if they were available. These AEW stars heading to WWE, New Japan or somewhere else on the wrestling map would make headlines.

Here's who needs a change.

10. Keith Lee

Wardlow AEW

This is an interesting one to start with.

Keith Lee was roundly considered a real get when AEW gobbled him up in early-2022. At the time, you couldn't move for brags like, "Aw, AEW will use him properly" and the like. Well, they bloody well haven't! Lee's All Elite run to date has been tag-team heavy, and he feels like less of a star than he did on WWE's NXT brand.

For reference, that's the E's developmental wing. Yeah. Tony Khan apologists can giggle all they like at Vinnie Mac's wonky "Bearcat" gimmick, but at least it attempted to flesh Keith out and give him some character. What is he on Dynamite/Rampage/Collision? Just another ex-indy standout people should care about for...reasons?

Ironically, Lee heading back to WWE would be best for him right now. Triple H is calling most of the creative shots there, and he'd probably be excited about the thought of getting Keith Lee right the second time around.


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