10 Wrestlers Who Peaked In 2019

2019 was at good as it's ever going to get for some wrestlers.


Much like anybody in any profession, every wrestler has a moment when they truly hit their peak.

That peak doesn't always have to revolve around conditioning and physicality, of course, for the wrestling world is a truly unique beast. In any other athletic endeavour, that peak would usually come at the time when a talent is in the best physical shape of their life. And while that can be a contributing factor in wrestling, pro wrestling is also about taking your in-ring game to another level, hitting your stride psychologically-wise, making your promos click in the way that they need to, and finally getting yourself seen on a wider, global stage.

Different people can peak at vastly different times, of course. For some, things might click during their early years. For others, it may be towards the tail end of their career that everything suddenly comes together.

Each and every wrestler to have laced up a pair of boots has had their peak at some point. The great debate, of course, comes in thinking of your favourite wrestler and then trying to work out just which year was them at the true peak of their powers.

For some grapplers of today, it's going to be a near-impossible task to be able to top 2019 for a whole number of reasons. And here are ten such superstars whose careers may have peaked out this year.


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