10 Wrestlers Who Perfected A Finisher On Its Owner

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Steve Austin, The Rock, Stunner

Fashioning a finisher that is both devastating and aesthetically dumbfounding is no mean feat. We see fledgling superstars cycle through an array of combinations in their rookie WWE years (or even established stars, such as Seth Rollins) until a move pops the crowd enough to fully convince them that the character is on the verge of ending proceedings.

Finishers are incredibly personal, with some wrestlers going as far as to protect the move from being over-exposed in other performer's arsenals - Chris Jericho recently asked Private Party to nix their double spinning back elbow as it bared too much resemblance to The (not yet fully over) Judas Effect.

Therefore, it is seen as the ultimate sign of disrespect when an adversary opts to inflict a person's own finisher on them. Embarrassing as that certainly is, it is in fact just a catalyst for something almost unfathomably more humiliating - the opposition perfecting a stars finisher on the creator.

For a wrestler to have the guts and sheer balls to attempt to mimic their rival is worthy of a salute, but to sharpen the submission/grapple/suplex/strike variation on the originator for the world to see deserves hailing on an online list for a fanatical audience to appreciate.



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