10 Wrestlers Who Proved Their Worth In A Crisis

Atlas flexed.

Impact Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling promoted an unfathomably excellent professional wrestling show under such dreadful conditions on Wednesday night.

The mood of the entire planet had darkened. An unprecedented global crisis, a threat to our very liberty, unfolded in the age of total convenience; a generation of people, almost overnight, had to adjust to a wavelength of living they had only ever read about on Wikipedia, which was easier and more convenient than reading a textbook.

Of drastically lesser importance was the task faced by AEW: promoting a wrestling show in front of no fans, an entertainment event meant to afford an escape where it has become impossible to engage in that mode. Outrageously, they succeeded, by applying its greatest resource to its most inspired - and let's face it, flagrantly irresponsible - idea.

To underscore the weirdness of it all, MJF was at the heart of it - MJF, the moneyed sociopath who would remove the dignity of and lash a man, just to watch him wince, provided the soul of the broadcast. MJF was so fantastic throughout that he inspired this very list.

He wasn't the only one...

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