10 Wrestlers Who Really Never Saw It Coming


seth rollins

The pro wrestling business is one that's forever been full of shocks and surprises over the decades, with fans immediately able to conjure up memories of those great swerves, those characters changes, those shock victories, and those times when sport and sports entertainment became shockingly real.

It's not wrestling audiences who have been caught off guard by such events, mind, for there are even times where the wrestlers themselves - for better of for worse - have been caught cold by something.

These instances can range from a fellow talent overstepping an agreed upon line, a rogue fan trying to become part of the show, of a wrestler being in total denial about something, or even of a ropey ring setup causing huge issues. Either way, these are surprise moments that wrestlers absolutely didn't see coming - and so were left just as confused or angered as those watching at home.

Whether it's things in the ring, outside of the ring, behind the scenes or maybe even in a sharp change of plans, here are ten such examples of wrestlers who were caught completely unaware

10. Hulk Hogan

seth rollins

When it comes to believing anything involving Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo, there's often muddied waters over what's real and what's complete fabrication.

By all accounts, the plan at WCW Bash at the Beach 2000 was originally for Hogan to drop the WCW World Heavyweight Title to Jeff Jarrett, who would then in turn lose that belt to Booker T later in the night. The Hulkster played the creative control card, deciding he didn't want to lose to the Chosen One. Thus, Hogan and Russo settled on a plan where Jarrett would literally lie down for Hulk, which would be followed by a blurred lines worked shoot promo exchange between Hulk and Vinny Ru.

Where things caught Hogan by surprise, though, was in the comments Russo used in the verbal tirade directed at the nWo founder. So blindsided was the vitamin enthusiast, he left Daytona's Ocean Center that night and never appeared on WCW television again.

Whether it was being called a "big, bald son of a b**ch", a "piece of sh*t", or being told live on PPV to kiss Vince Russo's ass, this whole incident clearly pushed Hogan's buttons in all the wrong ways.


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