10 Wrestlers Who Remained Great Past 45

Age is nothing but a number.


If there’s one opponent who will never truly job, it’s Father Time. Professional wrestling is brutal on the body at the best of times and even the toughest of wrestlers are eventually forced to slow down. While some are tragically cut down in their prime due to any number of issues, there are others who remain defiant in the face of advancing age.

Through everything from maintaining good physical health to total overhauls of character and style, some wrestlers have a knack for remaining relevant as the years roll by. There are, of course, others who stick around without any of that, going way beyond their prime and often hindering their legacies in the process. Such cases have become increasingly common in the last decade or so, often to the hindrance of newer, younger wrestlers trying to crack the main event. Happily, there are others who maintain their superstar status and fit right in with every generation they come across.

From across the world and over several generations, let’s take a look at 10 wrestlers who continued to be phenomenal talents past 45.


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