10 Wrestlers Who Saw WWE As A Vacation

Happy Holidays.


Many will consider Kevin Nash a rather glaring omission on this list, but there's more than just your writer's fawning admiration of 'Big Sexy's back catalogue keeping him from joining some of the industry's most chilled out entertainers.

As 'Big Daddy Cool', Nash worked as hard as he could to get over a Diesel gimmick stripped of its cool by Vince McMahon's dated vision of a topline babyface. The first true tweener the second he fought for the character's agency late in the year, Diesel was instantly red hot and super cool - so much so that WCW were able to take him and Scott Hall and harness a real life disconnect for business-altering transcendance.

The workrate frustratingly went in the opposite direction of the bank balances shortly after, but the old Vinnie Vegas lurked below Nash and the seven-footer had beaten the house. In a monied industry that still tries to block off the potential beneficiaries of a trickle down effect, the former gimmick factory was now enjoying the fruits of his former labour. Gaming the system once in a while should be celebrated, rather than shunned, not least when you're pilfering pretty pennies from the man best equipped to dish them out...


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