10 Wrestlers Who Spent The Longest Time In WWE Royal Rumbles (Without Eliminating Anyone)

9. Finlay (2007) - 32:32

Randy Orton no eliminations

Finlay only appeared in three Rumble matches across his storied career and they all went horribly. In 2009, he lasted exactly thirty minutes before getting chucked out by Kane whilst trying to rescue his "son", Hornswoggle. In 2008, Finlay was scheduled for the 27th spot in the 2008 match, but entered ahead of time to once again save his "son" from being pulverised.

How did WWE reward this courageous act of parenting? By disqualifying him. In a Royal Rumble. Remember Royal Rumble 2001? Where there was an entire hardcore section? Clearly, the officials in Madison Square Garden that night hadn't gotten to that point in their DVD collection because Finlay and "son" got sent home early.

Rewind the clock again and Finlay kicked the 2007 Rumble off opposite Ric Flair. Finlay survived over half the match - 32 minutes and 32 seconds - before becoming the first of four men to be thrown out by that year's silver medallist, Shawn Michaels.

So, across his three appearances, Finlay managed to become the only person ever disqualified in a Rumble and spent over an hour in the ring without eliminating anyone. It's almost impressive.


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