10 Wrestlers Who Suffered Heat From The Undertaker

4. 'Cowboy' Bob Orton

The Undertaker Chris Jericho

While wrestling history is littered with preposterous reasons for backstage heat, 'possibly giving someone Hepatitis C' is a pretty decent one. Nobody wants that, not even a dead man. That was the reality in front of Undertaker following his handicap match against Randy Orton and father 'Cowboy' Bob at Armageddon 2005. The match was inside Hell in a Cell, and an old-school veteran like the Cowboy wasn't about to go through a cage match without getting a little colour.

Nothing wrong with a little blood in a pro wrestling gimmick match, unless the bleeding man in question has Hepatitis C. Which Bob Orton did. To make matters worse, 'Taker was also bleeding, and you don't need to be a haematologist to understand that healthy blood and Hepatitis blood should not mix. Undertaker was understandably furious, although a portion of his fury was directed at John Laurinaitis, the man who knew about the Hep-C but ordered the beating to go ahead regardless.

Luckily for all involved, Undertaker did not contract the virus. Unluckily for Cowboy Bob, he was soon out of a job.


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