10 Wrestlers Who Totally Underprepared For Wrestling Matches

It wasn't just fans who weren't ready for The Fiend's red lighting...

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While many of the ridiculously talented folks plying their trade in the world of pro wrasslin' might make the act of stepping in-between the ropes seem as simple and easy as slipping on a pair of Crocs, it definitely takes a whole lot of time and dedication to get in proper match shape.

That's not to say that absolutely every name ever to strut down the ramp has found themselves feeling entirely prepared for the incoming war or high-pressure scenario that was heading their way on the night of an all-important bout, though.

For a whole host of reasons, even some of the most professional workers ever to grace a wrestling ring have found themselves feeling a little unready for a bout once the bell finally rings, with everything from last-minute changes to not fully healed bodies planting a seed of doubt in a wrestler's mind beforehand.

And while some of these personalities were able to overcome this lack of proper prep and still forge an undeniably epic moment in wrestling history, others weren't quite as fortunate and soon ended up paying the price for not properly equipping themselves for the job at hand.

10. Ric Flair Was Not Hydrated Enough To Wrestle His Last Match

Batista nose ring

"70-something-year-old man wrestling one last match" already had disaster written all over it.

However, the eventual reveal that not only had Ric Flair injured his foot, but the veteran had also foolishly decided to keep himself purposefully dehydrated heading into his Last Match alongside son-in-law Andrade El Idolo opposite Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal, eventually left most just feeling thankful that The Nature Boy was able to actually walk out of the arena.

According to the retiring icon, Flair wanted to come into the event at a perfect 220lbs. And he felt that not hydrating was the best way to achieve that goal. Sure enough, the dehydrated septuagenarian passed out twice over the course of that July 31, 2022 encounter, producing a performance that was routinely difficult to watch.

Trying to get into bumping shape at 73 was always going to be a tall order for Flair. But deciding to deprive his decrepit body of fluids as he hobbled into his final contest simply made an already near-impossible task that little bit harder to execute.

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