10 Wrestlers Who Were The Last Person To Take Iconic Moves

The finishing line for finishers.


Wrestling firsts are easy to document, and therefore are done so prolifically (our archive must contain several dozen articles on the topic). The first Stone Cold Stunner? The non-stop trivia machine that is internet wrestling fandom knows it was poor Jason Arhndt - latterly Joey Abs - who damn near broke his neck when Austin debuted the move. Who took The Undertaker's first Tombstone? That honour rests with Koko B. Ware, who absorbed a botched variant of the latterly iconic finisher at Survivor Series '90.

Firsts are a piece of cake, then. But lasts? They're much harder to pin down, such is the eternal nature of a wrestler's career. Wrestlers are notorious for their inability to stay away once they're best years have deserted them, and even the most august of retirement ceremonies - we're looking at you, Edge, Shawn Michaels - can latterly be undermined by the prospect of further fame and further financial reward.

So trying to pinpoint who the last men to take iconic wrestling moves is a bit tricky, but hey ho, there's not a lot you can do these days so we've tried it anyways. We're only counting televised or otherwise documented occurrences here, in the knowledge there's every chance Ric Flair slapped a hospital orderly in the figure four at some point in 2017.

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