10 Wrestlers Who Will Never Be WWE Champion Again

9. Jeff Hardy

Kevin Owens Universal Champion

When all is said and done, how will Jeff Hardy's career be remembered? Will the daredevil be remembered for being one of the most electric babyfaces of a generation, or will it be the story of unfulfilled potential at the very top of the game? Hardy's influence is clear to see, and it is easy to forget that he was arguably the most over babyface in the industry at one point. How much will his struggles and low points cloud how his work is remembered?

There's no point answering that question just yet, as the Charismatic Enigma is still playing his trade in a WWE ring. There's little to no chance that Hardy wins another world title in WWE, a fact that was rammed home when he ran out to join the 24/7 geeks recently. Could Jeff Hardy bring legitimacy to the 24/7 Championship? Actually, forget that. Not even this man is capable of the impossible.

A three-time world champion in WWE (to go with three runs on top of TNA/Impact), Hardy has had undeniable success as a singles competitor. When considering the daredevil exploits of the current generation of pro wrestlers, it isn't difficult to see Jeff's stamp around every corner. Even so, his days as a world champion are clearly over.


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