10 Wrestlers Who Will PEAK In 2023

9. Sami Zayn

Mercedes Mone

From the predictable to the optimistic.

Any right minded WWE fan wants Sami Zayn to finally overcome his Roman Reigns obsession and beat the Tribal Chief for one or both of his belts. Most likely, that’s not going to happen.

Even so, though, Zayn should be primed for the best year of his career, or certainly the biggest. The business with Sami and the Bloodline is easily the best material on WWE - it’s probably the best ongoing story in wrestling full stop. WWE has, uncommonly, paid attention to what the fans are vibing with, served up more of it, and taken the plot in unexpected places (no one saw Sami Uce coming).

When they turn on him it’ll be devastating, but the angle should propel Sami straight into a great babyface run, likely back into the arms of one Kevin Owens.

Sami and Kevin vs The Usos feels locked in as a WrestleMania show stealer; the important thing, though, is that Zayn remains on TV as much as possible, because he’s as entertaining a performer as you could ever hope to see.

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