10 Wrestlers Whose Most Memorable Moment Was In Defeat

The 1 will always be more memorable than the 21.

Winning a match isn't that important in pro-wrestling because it's a scripted form of entertainment. It's about telling stories, not legitimate sporting competition. Sometimes the more interesting story revolves around the person that lost a match, rather than the victor, because fans want to see how that person is able to bounce back after a big loss. In the history of the industry, there are dozens of big names that have suffered such memorable defeats that, in a lot of cases, those losses are bigger than any wins of their careers. Sure, winning a title is significant and can be memorable, but laying down to put somebody else over is right up there, too. What's interesting about many of the memorable losses is that they often led to more success for the loser, just because of the significance of it and where the story takes them next. Winners get bragging rights while losers have to suck it up and try to move past it. It's all part of storytelling (and a missing element of today's WWE product). Several of these notable losses occurred at WrestleMania. A high-profile loss at a WrestleMania or similar big PPV event can get fans talking as much about the loser as they do the winner, and not in negative terms, either. The following are ten guys whose most memorable moment featured them staring at the ceiling.

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