10 Wrestlers Whose Theme Music Was More Over Than They Were

Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble...


Entrance themes have never been more of an important part of a wrestler's performance than they are in the modern era of professional wrestling.

A great character requires a great theme, a song to set the tone. From cheesy classics like Real American and Sexy Boy to Ric Flair and Daniel Bryan's orchestral standards, the opening seconds of an iconic entrance theme have created some of wrestling's most celebrated moments.

While there have been countless cases of great wrestlers being hindered by underwhelming songs, there remains those performers who have either chosen, or been bestowed, entrance themes more impressive than their own talents.

Some have parlayed these songs into a career, while others were exposed when the song finished and the grappling began.

In extreme cases, some wrestlers had their careers completely sidelined over copyright restrictions preventing them from using a popular theme when they jumped ship to a new company.

Here are ten cases of talents whose entrance theme was infinitely more popular with wrestling fans than they were.

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