10 Wrestlers Whose Theme Music Was More Over Than They Were

10. Alex Riley

Becoming a white hot babyface almost overnight, A-Ry's beat down of The Miz launched him immediately into rarefied WWE air.

Having only used Miz's theme before, A-Ry was in need of a new tune for himself. The resulting ill-tempered Downstait theme Say it to My Face typified Riley's aggressive backlash against The Miz and was greeted with gusto upon his babyface debut a week later.

Immediately aligning himself with heavyweight faces Randy Orton and John Cena, it appeared Riley was destined for a spot alongside the WWE's top two protagonists as he triumphed over The Miz and entered a feud with US champion Dolph Ziggler.

However, while crowds popped for Riley's raging theme and babyface fire, John Cena was apparently a harsher critic of Riley's work.

Cena's opinion carried noticeable weight as Riley slowly worked his way down the card, before being taken off TV and used as a commentator from 2013.

Making a return to wrestling in NXT in 2015, Say it to My Face raised the crowds at Full Sail, but Riley was unable to recapture the spark that he showed back in 2011 and was future endeavoured in 2016.

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