10 Wrestlers With The Worst Punches In The Business

Joe Rogan would not be impressed…

Shane McMahon AJ Styles

Wrestlers punching each other is involved in near every wrestling match. It’s a move that numerous wrestlers have even taken as their finisher, like Big Show with his Weapon of Mass Destruction K.O Punch to the jaw.

For most pro wrestlers working punches are serious business. Triple H once taught how to properly throw a working punch to rookies on Tough Enough. When one of the rookies threw a less than ideal punch, HHH commented “If you serve like that in the ring I’d tag you for real.”

One of the most critical and crucial moves in making a pro wrestling match appear as realistic as possible is the punch. When carried out by skilled performers it can look first-rate. Jerry Lawler, The Undertaker, Terry Funk, Scott Hall and Booker T are revered as having some of the best strikes in the business.

When carried out by inept performers though they can look atrocious. They can look as though they’re not connecting or they can be dangerous territory with many stiff shots bloodily opening wounds. Suspension of disbelief relies on wrestlers not throwing blows that look like they belong on a Power Rangers episode.

Here we’ll look at the lousiest punches pro wrestling’s been witness to:

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