10 Wrestlers WWE Gave Up On In 2019

A graveyard of dead careers and abandoned pushes.

kofi kingston

The half-hearted measures with which WWE push wrestlers outside the main event scene these days necessitates a few exclusions here, as at least a handful of these abandoned projects will be revisited at a later date.

While it was reported that Drew McIntyre would become a headliner after dissolving his partnership with Dolph Ziggler, the burly Scot slid back towards the middle of the pack around WrestleMania season. He's massive, though, and a great performer in general. He'll be fine.

Ricochet is a goddamn videogame character between the ropes, which might not make him a World Title contender, but will bring new opportunities. It's too early to put much stock into Humberto Carrillo's inability to become United States Champion. Shorty G still makes television most weeks. There are further examples, though these stick out the most.

Regardless, WWE's colossal talent pool still features many wrestlers whom the promotion have demonstrably lost faith in over the past 12 months. Some are understandable, as not every act is going to deliver as intended, while others, most certainly, are not, with WWE abandoning pushes, programmes, storylines, and performers at the drop of a hat...


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