10 Wrestlers WWE Immediately Regretted Hiring

Those times when WWE had instant buyer's remorse.


Vince McMahon and WWE have clearly made some exceptional signings over the decades since VKM purchased the company from his father back in 1982. And likewise, McMahon has signed some talent who have proven to be absolute disasters.

So often when WWE signs a new wrestler to a contract, the first impression is absolutely key to whether said grappler will sink or swim within the WWE environment. Some talent may hit the ground running, while others will founder from the get-go - with them then facing an uphill battle to succeed.

In the case of certain performers, it became almost immediately clear that WWE had a sense of buyer's remorse. Whether it was a case of a person clearly not being up to the WWE standard, that new talent making a boneheaded, stupid decision of their own, or maybe even someone's past coming back to haunt them, there have been some horrendous hirings from WWE at times.

Of course, some of those signings may have managed to steady the ship and ride out the initial storm surrounding their hiring, but others simply never recovered from that first setback.

With that in mind, then, here are ten wrestlers who WWE immediately regretted hiring.


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