10 Wrestlers WWE Realised Weren't 'The Man'

Becky Lynch wouldn't be proud...

Becky Lynch The Man

It's almost hilarious to imagine what Becky Lynch would say if asked about some of WWE's past pushes.

She, like countless others in wrestling history, was going absolutely nowhere until she took matters into her own hands, cultivated a renegade persona Steve Austin would've raised a glass to and started branding herself as 'The Man'. It was a bold and daring move, one that hinted at all those pesky politics behind the scenes that can make or break careers.

WWE even toyed with reality on screen - Triple H, Stephanie and Vince McMahon were all brought out to question her validity as the promotional centrepiece, citing her rebellious attitude and propensity to disregard all things corporate. The real beauty, of course, is that Lynch was a top-notch employee the McMahon clan could rely on.

In that sense, Becky was streets ahead of the gang going under the microscope here. All of them were supposed to be the next big superstar that'd lead everyone into the future, and they received significant backing from WWE's power players.

None of them succeeded in that role long term...

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