10 Wrestlers WWE Realised Weren't 'The Man'

10. 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams

What the f*ck were they thinking?

WWE brought rugged wrestling machine Steve Williams in and put him in a shoot-fighting tournament that'd prove his mettle and make him the next heel challenger for Steve Austin. The sad fact was that Williams was never going to live up to that, and no amount of stories from Japan or menacing poses could change things.

After getting past Carl Ouellet in the Brawl For All's first round, 'Dr. Death' was positively creamed by Bart Gunn in the very next one. It was a disaster for the company; they believed Williams would mow down all competition, impress the fans and then be a credible challenge to 'Stone Cold'. Instead, the physically broken down former NCAA finalist was left out cold.

His aura was nil following that, and his push was very much over. Williams would hang around for a little while before bolting for WCW. He didn't find much more success there. How different things might've been had WWE, y'know, worked their silly hard man tourney.

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