10 Wrestlers You Didn't Realise Wrestled For WWE In 1996

1996 was the year of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rocky Maivia and Scott D'Amore.

1996 was a landmark year in professional wrestling.

Vince McMahon’s luxury boat began to crumble under a black and white onslaught as the New World Order took WCW to the top of the pro wrestling world. Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall turned the industry on its head, and Vince McMahon could only respond with passive-aggressive skits and Ahmed Johnson. 1996 also saw The Ringmaster become Stone Cold, the arrival of Rocky Maivia, Bret Hart’s descent into the dark side and plenty more.

WWE TV largely twiddled its thumbs throughout the year, introducing new performers and throwing enough cack at the wall to redden the cheeks of even the most hardened Fecalfeliacs. Some of it stuck, the aforementioned Stone Cold and Maivia the two most obvious examples, but plenty of it slapped the wall before sliding down to the floor.


Chances came around again though, and many 1996’s jobbers eventually found their way in the world of pro wrestling. Lost in the annals of WWE programming in 1996 we find future Hall of Famers, champions, bookers, legends and whatever we’re supposed to remember Braden Walker as.

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