10 Wrestling Botch Machines Other Than Sin Cara

He's the king, the Karl Gotch of Botch. But there are plenty of other ringmasters of disaster.

When you type "wrestling botch" or "wrestlers who botch the most" into Google, only one name reliably shows up in the related searches below: Sin Cara.

The 'Faceless One' is synonymous with botching at this point. The damage was done long ago by Mistico during the early, weird-lighting period of the character's career. This reputation was cemented in the minds of fans during a match with Curtis Axel when Sin Cara spiked himself during a back flip attempt.

The character's reputation has hardly improved during Hunico's run under the mask. Although he does seem to botch far less frequently than Mistico did.

But let's be fair here. He's hardly the only botch machine in wrestling. Eva Marie comes to mind, although I don't think she wrestled long enough to qualify as a true botch machine. That's something that is earned through years of missteps, mistiming maneuvers, and general incompetence/recklessness in the ring.

So, although Sin Cara should top any list (and every list) of botch machines, let's take a look at some of the other names that belong in the rarified air of the clumsy luchador. Or, at the very least, crumpled on the floor beside him after a bungled plancha.

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