10 Wrestling Botch Machines Other Than Sin Cara

9. Alex Riley

Whether as The Miz's NXT rookie or as a ragin' relegation from the main roster, Alex Riley always seemed a step or two behind in the ring. He had a decent look, he could cut a decent promo, but ring that bell and suddenly the guy was a sweaty pile of thumbs and left feet.

He reportedly ran afoul of John Cena and found himself in WWE's bad books, ending up back in NXT before he had the chance to improve and make a proper main roster run.

But even if that hadn't been the case, Riley's tendency toward botchery hobbled his chances for success.

Worst botch: The time he deadweighted Jack Swagger during a gutwrench powerbomb attempt, making Swagger look kittenweak as Riley flailed around in midair.

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