10 Wrestling Careers Damaged By The WWE Draft

Change isn't always a good thing, especially for these wrestlers.

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The draft is a randomly held, but exciting event in WWE. In 2002, after an incredible influx of talent from WCW and ECW, Vince McMahon had a ton of wrestlers under contract. Too many of them. He couldn’t keep them all on one show, so he decided to split up the massive roster. It was decided that SmackDown and Raw would each be given unique talent that would be exclusive to their respective shows. The draft was then born.

For the most part, it has been a good thing. Guys like Eddie Guerrero and JBL would have never got to the top of the card if they were still on one, gigantic bloated roster. It has caused Vince McMahon to think differently, and take risks on different wrestlers. However, the brand split, and the lottery and trades that have come along with it, don't always work out so well for everyone. Some talent were doing just fine on the show they were on, and then struggled in their new home to find a place on the card.

On a couple of occassions wrestlers who switched brands were never even seen again! Perhaps they got lost on the drive over. While we can look forward to the upcoming draft to shake things up, we have to keep in mind that for some wrestlers, right now is as good as it will ever get for them.

Here are 10 careers that have been damaged by the draft.

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