10 Wrestling Chants That Changed Everything

6. "Let's Go Cena!/"Cena Sucks!"

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John Cena has typically been described as the most controversial or polarizing champion in WWE history - which is a fancy way of saying that even though he's a babyface, a lot of people boo him. Women and children typically support the leader of the Cenation, while older male fans tend to view him as the hated figurehead of the PG era.

Still, even the fans who hate John Cena enjoy going to shows to boo him and that's why, despite the mixed reaction, Cena spent a decade on top of the company. It's almost turned into a game of sorts - Cena's supporters chant "Let's go, Cena" in a high-pitched cadence, and then the basso of "Cena sucks!" kicks in. While the groups try to outdo each other in terms of volume, each one politely lets the other chant for its point of view.

The Cena backlash started in 2005 - pretty soon after he first won the title - and probably won't end until (or if) he turns heel. In the meantime, both the "Let's go, Cena!" and "Cena sucks!" chants will be heard together in arenas around the world.


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