10 Wrestling Christmas Gifts For 2017!

7. Jim Ross - My Life In Wrestling

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With over four decades in the wrestling business, most of it spent dining at its highest tables, you'd think Oklahoma's favourite son and legendary ring announcer Jim Ross would have more than a few fascinating tales to tell. Yet the only books he's penned have been manuals on how to use his BBQ sauce. Unless there are anecdotes about his time in the industry sublimated between recipes for hot 'n' spicy chicken, that's just not good enough.

Sloberknocker changes all that. Free of the shackles of WWE's control, and, rather more sombrely, at a loss following the tragic death of his wife Jan, JR has at last been able to gift us with his memoirs. It's a little short, and there's a fairly grisly account of animal abuse early on which'll turn the stomachs of a few, but otherwise it's essential reading and the ideal present to stretch a loved one's stocking.

£12.59, Amazon

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