10 Wrestling Clichés You Can't Ignore

8. The WWE Babyface Exposition Half Hour

Corey Graves Michael Cole

It took just over three months for Drew McIntyre to move from heel midcard concern to WrestleMania main eventer, about another four or five for him to feel like a made man, and just shy of a year for him to become the babyface that might have heard a few boos by now had fans been in buildings.

Fortunately, if you've missed any of that, he'll be the best person to tell you the next time you tune in.

As the company's top face, one of his jobs is now is to open a lot of Raws with a speech carefully recapping everything that's happened lately, even if video packages already did the same either side of the opening credits. And not particularly in that "last week you did this and I've been waiting seven days to..." threatening manner - an actual recap.

A scene-setter. WWE's top face needs not to enthral crowds or reach through the screen and take them on a ride, but set the scene. John Cena just about mastered the art of both but pretty much f*cked it for everybody else as a result.


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