10 Wrestling Combinations That Shouldn't Have Worked But Did

These odd couples shocked everyone with how much they got over.

Kane X Pac

Sometimes a wrestling combination just makes sense.

The Undisputed Era was made up of four guys who all cut their teeth in Ring of Honor, the Blackpool Combat Club is comprised of realistic fighters with a connection to William Regal, and Right to Censor contained a pimp and a porn star who'd both been brainwashed into seeing the errors of their ways.

Other times, however, a pair or group of performers come together with seemingly no rhyme or reason. They may have totally opposite gimmicks, come from totally different eras, or just have absolutely nothing in common.

Most of the time, combos like this flop and disappear within a month or so. But, every now and then, an unlikely partnership strikes gold and the wrestlers or managers involved have their careers changed forever.

That is exactly what happened with these ten examples. All ten were seemingly thrown together at random, only to somehow make it work and create a truly memorable act.

Don't judge a book by its cover, all that glitters is not gold, and never ever discount a wrestling combination by the way it looks on paper.

10. Rhea Ripley And Dominik Mysterio

Kane X Pac

One of the best wrestling transformations of 2022 has been Dominik Mysterio's turn from mullet-loving daddy's boy to full-on goth.

After he turned on Edge and his own father at Clash at the Castle, Dom joined up with The Judgement Day and has barely left Rhea Ripley's side ever since.

Ripley made a habit of intimidating the younger Mysterio in the weeks leading up to the turn, but this is clearly something Dom is into, as it's what eventually led to him moving over to the dark side.

Both parties have played their roles in the partnership perfectly; Dom as the subservient follower and Rhea as the dominating manipulator. It's a brave direction for WWE to take, but one that has worked out pretty well so far. It's made a new man out of Dom, added a memorable edge to Rhea's character, and has elevated the entire Judgement Day faction.

Dominik had been crying out for some character prior to his heel turn, but nobody could have predicted that his character would from being part of an implied sadomasochistic relationship.

Still, it was better than his old personality, which was... umm... umm... nope, nothing.


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