10 Wrestling Duos Who Shared The Most Bizarre Chemistry

10. AJ Styles & Kevin Owens

This will prove difficult to actually write about, because there's no other word than "inexplicable". Or perhaps "misfire".

The caveat here is that the 2017 programme was weighed down by tacked-on sports entertainment b*llshit. The dumbass referee was only a dumbass to set up a stipulation. AJ Styles trapped his foot in a hole in the announce table because it is apparently better to make a babyface look like a complete goof than to book him bravely losing a bruising fight to put over the heel, who was the performer set to advance further up the card.

But it wasn't so much a programme spoiled as just an all-round underwhelming programme in both sports entertainment plotting and weirdly clunky and boring pro wrestling. Not a reflection on each performer - AJ Styles and his unvarnished approach to the technical dream match is nearing all-time great status, and Kevin Owens is as funny as he is vicious in his character work - the dynamic was simply not very good.

It was as if they struggled to reconcile their own instincts with WWE's production - a strange result, given how well they have acclimatised to and enhanced the company's trademark style.

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