10 Wrestling Facts That Sound Weird (But Are Somehow True)

You'll never guess the match type Jeff Hardy has NEVER won.

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It's tough to be surprised by anything in the wrestling business in 2024, right?

Even fans who've only been watching for the last few years have witnessed impossible dreams come true, insane records be broken, and all kinds of surreal returns and backstage drama unfold on their screens.

But one thing is always for certain in this bonkers industry: just when you think you've seen and know it all, something comes along to remind you how utterly weird the business was, is, and always will be.

And that brings us nicely to these 10 wacky and completely mad facts about the world of professional wrestling, with each of them initially sounding too unlikely or outrageous to be the truth. But, in the words of an iconic Olympic gold medalist, all of them are definitely true, folks - damn true!

So, with a salute to the always curious folks over at r/SquaredCircle who inspired this very list with a recent post, it's time to get weird and look at everything from the one match an extreme icon never actually won, to the strange fact about Hulk Hogan you never realised, and so much more...

10. Shelton Benjamin Has NEVER Wrestled At SummerSlam

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Competing on 'The Grandest Stage' on numerous occasions, enjoying multiple mid-card title runs, being part of a number of awesome factions: wrestling veteran Shelton Benjamin ticked off a respectable amount of boxes during his time within the biggest wrestling organisation on the planet.

However, along with unfortunately never getting his hands on World title gold, the one-time 'Gold Standard' also, and somewhat surprisingly, didn't get around to doing something else on WWE programming.

As hard as it may be to believe, despite racking up a decent eight WrestleMania appearances, and showing up at numerous Survivor Series and Royal Rumbles during his various stints with the company, the veteran actually never once strut his stuff at 'The Biggest Party of the Summer'.

The one-time Hurt Business and World's Greatest Tag Team star isn't the only well-known performer never to lace up their boots for a SummerSlam, either. Queen Nia Jax has also not experienced the heat of the summer event, but her conquest of said Queen of the Ring tournament at least means her name is about to be taken off that "no SummerSlam appearances" list in 2024. 

With Benjamin leaving WWE for the second time in 2023, though, the chances of him ever putting a cross in that final big-four PLE box seem slim at best.


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