10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week

8. The Mean Street Posse Used To Lie For Shane McMahon

Having Vincent Kennedy McMahon as a father figure must have been intimidating. Larger-than-life and the owner of the entire WWE monopoly, Vince likely scared the crap out of Shane's friends. Those pals just so happened to be members of The Mean Street Posse, and they had no problem telling little white lies if it meant saving their running buddy.

Pete Gas told Sean Waltman on the X-Pac 1, 2, 360 podcast that Shane was quite the wild child in his youth and loved adrenaline. His dad wasn't a fan of the idea and forbid him from riding motorcycles and things like that. One time, Gas decided to try and cover for Shane, knowing his friend was indeed riding a bike.

Vince was furious, so much so that he led Shane away from the scene, banging his head through doors on the way. Meanwhile, Gas and his other cohorts were just pleased they hadn't told on Shane for going against his father's wishes. It's a wonder they got booked in the first place after lying to Vince.


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