10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week

7. Piper Niven Cried At The Thought Of Missing WWE's Mae Young Classic

Toni Storm Piper Niven

Working as part of WWE's Mae Young Classic tournament was a real dream come true for Piper Niven. Known as Viper elsewhere, the Scot has overcome a lot to become known as one of the independent scene's most exciting female workers. As strong as she is physically, Viper isn't afraid to admit that she's an emotional person.

During an interview with PWInsider, the Ayrshire lass opened up on one tearful evening. WWE had been interested in her, but things were up in the air due to a contract with ITV for the revamped World Of Sport series. Viper had signed on to be part of that, and didn't want to let anybody down. With a heavy heart, she ignored rumours that WWE might sign her.

Disaster struck when WOS fell through, leaving Viper in limbo. Realising she might be left with nothing, she cried her eyes out. It was only when she pulled herself together and emailed WWE to ask if they were still interested that things started moving.

Viper thought she had missed her big chance.


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