10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (July 26)

Eric Bischoff turned down Brock Lesnar. He's the new head of SmackDown.

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Imagine how different things might've been had Brock Lesnar been gobbled up by WCW before WWE could get their grubby mitts on him. Back in 1999, that almost happened, and it could've changed the entire course of Lesnar's career. The cynical fans out there might point out that he'd have tried out for the NFL within four months, not four years.

Dubya-C-Dubya in '99 was not a happy place.

The details behind that nearly moment are all here in this week's article along with nine other big wrestling facts. Want to know why Bret Hart turned down a spot on Raw Reunion? Wondering who the first WWE star to reach 100 matches this year is? Intrigued which match Hulk Hogan points to as his favourite from SummerSlam history? It's all here.

There's a healthy portion of Jim Ross-related goodness too. The questionable antics of Vince McMahon as 'Dr. Heinie' go under the microscope, and there's a story about what several veterans on the WWF side of things thought when JR signed with the company in 1993. Let's just say Jim wasn't welcomed with open arms...


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