10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (13 Sept)

10. Al Wilson's Cheek Charmed Vince McMahon

It's always funny to introduce the exploits of Al Wilson to younger wrestling fans who didn't live through his run. Torrie Wilson's ageing father was a comedy character for a spell between 2002-2003, and he's remembered for getting it on with Dawn Marie, getting hitched in his tighty whities and dying of a kayfabe heart attack due to excessive sex.


It turns out that Al was quite the charmer away from scripted segments too. Torrie told on the 'Ring The Belle' podcast that her dad didn't quite get the political side of the wrestling business. He wasn't interested in it either. Ol' Al was far too busy trying to muscle into Vince McMahon's limousine at the hotel so he could hitch a lift to the arena for SmackDown.

Torrie remembers being horrified by her dad's cheeky request for a lift. Luckily, Vince loved how bold Al was and agreed to let him ride in the McMahon-mobile. Things worked out, but the incident made Torrie wonder if daddy dearest was going to embarrass her on the road constantly.


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