10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (18 Oct)

Find out Roman Reigns' brutally honest thoughts on Hell In A Cell's finish...

Triple H Becky Lynch

This past summer marked quite the 'Manniversary' for Becky Lynch.

Since she began showing off a harder edge, she's kicked the living crap out of Stephanie McMahon, slapped Triple H across the face, won several titles, headlined WrestleMania and become WWE's media darling. That's quite the change from playing Charlotte Flair's sidekick and acting all chirpy with whatever few minutes of promo time she was given.

It's been a whirlwind of activity for Becky, and that dizzying schedule feeds neatly into one of the facts presented this week. If you've ever wondered exactly when Lynch was allowed to let all her achievements sink in, then this article has you covered. Of course, there are nine other big facts and stories to complement 'The Man'.

There's a stunning stat about AJ Styles' WWE career, news on what kind of matches Booker T hated working during his run, a story about what AEW's Britt Baker would get up to when studying dentistry and more. Plus, find out what Roman Reigns really thought about Hell In A Cell 2019's conclusion, and learn why Jim Ross was seriously annoyed when WWE signed ECW's Taz(z)...

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