10 Wrestling Fates Worse Than Death

Twist of Fates more distressing that anything Matt Hardy could ever deliver.

John Cena The Fiend

There are some outcomes and consequences in pro wrestling that are worse than the grave. Fates that grapplers wish they could swap for being buried alive by The Undertaker any day (or being crucified or hung or suffocated in cement in a glass crypt, or any other way The Deadman’s casually tried to murder wrestlers over the last 30 years.)

Storylines often produce more twisted circumstances for individuals than any tense Spanish soap opera could think of coming up with. Like the time Shawn Michaels somehow lost all his money and took up a side gig as rich fat cat JBL’s minion, or the whole ‘Katie Vick’ farce where Kane’s girlfriend died in a drunk-driving car crash and then had to watch Triple H try out necrophilia with her alleged corpse (on a wrestling show).

Then there’s the real-life events in the business you could argue are worse than death, like John Cena having to lose to Britney Spears' ex in a match, or Paul Heyman agreeing to be the lead booker for WWECW under Vince McMahon’s exhaustive watch. Or anyone having to pull out a decent match against Goldberg.

Here, we’ll look at 10 events/angles where wrestling personalities wished they were put out of their misery in storylines.


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