10 Wrestling Gimmicks Handed Down To Other Wrestlers

The legion of don't.

Ric Flair WWF
"What's your favourite wrestling gimmick?"

Ask 100 wrestling fans that very question and 99 are likely to answer with something like The Undertaker, Mankind or 'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase. If not those, and depending on their tastes, they might point to Goldust, Big Boss Man or Phantasio. OK, perhaps not short-lived, miming berk Phantasio.

The thing is, every single one of those characters is indelibly linked to just one wrestler. Sure, 'Taker was joined by an 'Underfaker' in 1994, but that was a one-off feud, and so it doesn't count on this list. Also yes, Mideon did dress up as Mick Foley's Mankind for a week or two in 1999, but that wasn't his full-time gimmick, so it's similarly disqualified.

The ones on this list are the real deal. They're all gimmicks that, for whatever reasons, ended up being played by completely different wrestlers for a few months at least. Some were handed down with the previous worker's blessing, whereas others were plucked from the bag of tricks because promoters couldn't give up on a gimmick or didn't have anything better for certain talents to do...


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