10 Wrestling Gimmicks Handed Down To Other Wrestlers

10. Max Moon


There's a famous quote that goes something like, "If you shoot for the moon and miss, you'll still land among the stars". That could be changed to, "If you shoot for the Max Moon and miss, you'll have complete crap filling up episodes of WWF Superstars" in this instance.

Konnan was first. He was the man given the rocket boosters and enough padding to make him wrestling's own Michelin Man in 1992, and it sucked straight away; the surprise here is that Max Moon was reportedly K-Dogg's own idea, and it was one Vince McMahon liked so much he wanted to reprise it when Konnan left the company and returned to Mexico.

The lucky sucker next in line was Paul Diamond. He got the gig because he fit the costume (seriously), and that was that. To the shock of exactly no-one, the Moon character failed to connect with audiences and was dropped when Diamond himself left the WWF in early-1993.

Someone needs to bring this back on the indy scene.


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