10 Wrestling Heels That Were Pure Chickensh*t

6. Chris Jericho

10 Wrestling Heels That Were Pure Chickensh T

Chris Jericho’s career spans decades and many wrestling promotions. Some underhanded tactics are insurance for career longevity. However, it was in WCW that a young Jericho was in his chickensh*t prime.

Jericho unleashed his heel persona when he defeated Rey Mysterio for the Cruiserweight Championship, assaulting the former champion with a toolbox. During his time as champion, Jericho rebuffed contenders, only submitting to a title defence after a challenger chased him down.

His feud with Dean Malenko defined this era of Jericho. As well as solid in-ring work, Jericho’s personality shined as he claimed to be a better wrestler than Malenko but had little desire to test this claim. Jericho proclaimed himself “The Man of 1,004 Holds” to Malenko’s “1,000”. Once he lost his title to Malenko, Jericho donned the proverbial tinfoil hat, making accusations of a nefarious cabal plotting against him, including then US President Bill Clinton.

Jericho began to target WCW’s sacred CAW, Goldberg, recreating his dramatic entrance with pitiful pyro. He lampooned Goldberg’s undefeated streak defeating a 4ft 1/2in Little Goldberg four times and claiming to be 4-0 with regular old Bill, which, of course, was nonsense.

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