10 Wrestling Heels That Were Pure Chickensh*t

5. Andy Kaufman

10 Wrestling Heels That Were Pure Chickensh T

The famous “anti-comedian” Andy Kaufman died tragically young at 35, but more than made his mark on professional wrestling, working with Jerry Lawler in Memphis.

Kaufman, a wrestling fan, was inspired by kayfabe in sports entertainment and incorporated it into his anarchic brand of comedy. He proclaimed himself the "Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World” and would often challenge women to pin him for a $1,000 bounty. Through mutual acquaintances, Kaufman was introduced to Jerry Lawler, who brought him into the sport.

Kaufman was not a great wrestler, but he hit on a great wrestling angle. Targeting smaller women in a world populated by giants made him the biggest coward on any wrestling program. Adding to his cowardice was his skill on the mic, which he couldn’t back up with in-ring action. Lawler soon took exception to his antics, wrestling, and seemingly injuring, Kaufman with a piledriver. Kaufman wore a neck brace and feigned severe injury.

Despite his supposed debilitating injury, Kaufman resumed fighting woman, adding the chance to marry him as a bonus prize should any woman succeed. Despite his short dalliance with wrestling, Kaufman remains one of the sport's most iconic weaselly heels.

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