10 Wrestling Matches So Annoying They Lose You In The First 60 Seconds

9. Gayda And Nowinski Don't Get Off To The Best Of Starts - WWE Raw (July, 2002)

Triple H

Things were looking quite promising for Jackie Gayda back in 2002.

Hot on the heels of earning herself a WWE contract on Tough Enough II, the newbie found herself thrown straight into the Raw and SmackDown mix, working with the likes of Trish Stratus and Molly Holly.

But then the absolute debacle that was July 8's red show mixed-tag car-crash happened; a match that saw Stratus team with Bradshaw to take on Gayda and Chris Nowinski.

Shortly after Nowinski's rather odd early goading of fellow former football player Bradshaw into an American football stance before darting away from incoming danger, Gayda looked entirely out of her depth upon being suddenly dumped into the contest.

And despite Stratus' best efforts at pulling a decent performance out of the rookie who'd only trained for a few months prior to the bout, the action turned clunky within 60 seconds.

Stratus' botched attempt at some sort of springboard leg attack was soon met with a sea of boos from the unforgiving many in attendance. And the wheels only proceeded to entirely come off as yet more miscommunication between the pair eventually paved the way for a completely mistimed top-rope bulldog and dodgy looking pin.

That opening-minute misfire simply acted as a depressing sign of the infamous exchanges to come.


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