10 Wrestling Matches That Did Not Go To Plan

9. Bart Gunn Knocks Out 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams In The Brawl For All (1998)

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When you make the decision to put some big beefy dudes into a ring and have them throw shoot punches at each other whilst wearing boxing gloves, planning a winner is always going to be a near impossible task.

Yet that didn't stop WWF banking on 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams to come out on top in 1998's Brawl For All, setting their eyes on a huge match-up with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin further down the road. Bob Holly even claimed that Williams had been paid $100,000 (the amount up for grabs for the winner of the whole thing) before he stepped into the ring to face Bart Gunn in the second round of the infamous tournament.

In one of the most legendary cases of the company getting ahead of themselves, Gunn had other ideas on the night and knocked out Williams en route to winning the entire competition.

This eventually led to Gunn facing off against legitimate Heavyweight boxer Butterbean at WrestleMania XV. Gunn was quickly sparked out in 35 seconds and was gone from the company shortly after.

Would things have turned out differently if Williams had won as planned? At the very least, Gunn could have possibly been saved from having his lights turned out by Butterbean's vicious right hand.


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