10 Wrestling Matches That Did Not Go To Plan

10. Neville Goes Down Injured On Raw (2016)


During a run-of-the-mill Monday Night Raw showdown back in 2016, Chris Jericho and Neville were involved in what has now become a fairly memorable moment of improvisation.

Neville uncharacteristically botched a rather simple baseball slide through 'Y2J's legs and broke his ankle, before trying to soldier on. Yet, Jericho quickly sensed that the match could no longer play out as originally planned.

After trying to forcefully roll-up Neville so that his colleague could receive the medical attention he required, Jericho was visually p*ssed when Charles Robinson failed to finish the three-count. The seasoned veteran then proceeded to shove and berate the ref, which then gave the official no choice but to end the match as a DQ victory for Neville.

In mixing his genuine frustration with an understanding of what needed to be done in order to get Neville backstage as soon as possible, Jericho managed to salvage the situation.

It may not have been as smooth an ending to a WWE match as we're ever likely to see, but it definitely helped keep Neville from further injuring his already pulverised ankle.

Also, it's always entertaining to see Jericho petulantly screaming in a ref's face, whether he's trying to aid a co-worker or just getting over how much of a d*ck he is.


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