10 Wrestling Matches That Ended In Unbelievable Locations

Remember that Kenny Omega match that ended with a Michinoku Driver on a dirt hill?

Kenny Omega Mike Angels

Traditionally, professional wrestling - and yes, even sports entertainment - has been based around competitors doing battle in a wrestling ring, with those battles coming to a close once one person scores a victory between the ropes.

Of course, the grappling game hasn't always been solely restricted to the confines of the squared circle, though, and plenty of the most memorable bouts in the history of the business have ventured outside the ring for some of their biggest spots. Taking things a little further, mind, and there are those other matches which have utilised locations outside of the ring as the scene of the finish to their contest.

While those such scenes have been the ringside area, the backstage area, or even out in the crowd, there are some matches which have taken things to unique and/or bizarre extremes when it comes to the end of a bout. And it's on those such fights that the attention is on here.

Whether they started in a crazy location or ultimately just ended up in one, here, then, are ten examples of wrestling matches that ended in some truly unbelievable places.

10. Al Snow Vs. Road Dogg - The Snowy Streets Of Worcester

Kenny Omega Mike Angels

By its very nature, the Hardcore Title allowed the stars of the World Wrestling Federation to explore far more of a venue than merely the wrestling ring. Many a grappler fought up into the stands, out into the concessions area, or into the locker room during these hardcore battles, yet Al Snow and Road Dogg went one better by taking their match out into the snowy streets of Worcester, Massachusetts on the 4 January 1999 edition of Raw.

With the D-O-Double G the Hardcore Champion at that point in time, he found himself defending against the deranged Snow. After spending several minutes brawling through the backstage area, the action switch to the streets outside Worcester Centrum after the one-time Roadie sent the J.O.B. Squad man through an emergency exit.

A snow shovel and wheelbarrow would come into play as this bout continued on, and Road Dogg would eventually put away his opponent after hitting a piledriver through a wooden palette out on the chilly sidewalk - all while Jerry Lawler made an annoying amount of puns based around the fact that Al shared his last name with the weather he now found himself fighting in.


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