10 Wrestling Matches That Led To Massive Lawsuits

Judgment day on Judgment Day.

CM Punk

Pro wrestling and controversy go hand-in-hand.

Countless wrestling lawsuits have filled courtroom schedules over the years, and reading about what happened makes for juicy gossip wrestling fans can buzz over as they consume every last drop of that oh-so-sweet melodrama. Weirdly, there's a strange kinship that exists between ring and court; matches in the wrestling realm build anticipation for a satisfying conclusion (babyface win) or a disappointment (heel upset) in front of an eager crowd who participate in the ongoing excitement, and the justice system is no different.

Sometimes, the plaintiff wins out and sometimes the defendant comes away from the situation shining instead. The main difference might be that, unlike inside the ring, there often aren't clear-cut lines governing exactly who's right and wrong, and no punches are thrown. Hopefully.

Outside of suits relating to more general gripes like merchandising, image rights, discrimination, sexual assault and contractual stuff, there have been many courtroom battles fought over what happened in one specific match. Those are the ones focused on here, and they're predictably dramatic.

That's about all that was predictable...

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